Summer Travel Awards

Wallenberg Legacy, Summer Travel Awards, University of Michigan

The Executive Committee of the Wallenberg Endowment is sponsoring the Raoul Wallenberg International Summer Travel Awards. While a student at the University of Michigan in the 1930s, Raoul Wallenberg traveled across North America to observe and learn from people of all kinds on their own terms. This experience helped him understand the human condition, and shaped his lifelong concern for human dignity and humanitarian values. His heroic efforts to rescue the surviving Jews of Budapest are an inspiring demonstration of how one individual can make a difference, even under the most dire circumstances.

In the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg’s experience at Michigan, the Wallenberg International Summer Travel Award will allow selected students to take part in a community service project or civic participation anywhere in the world. The award will support such experiences as, for instance, volunteer work with a humanitarian organization such as a school, clinic or aid program, or the exploration of humanitarian issues not well understood in the US.

Several awards will be made annually, each in the amount of up to $4,000 to cover transportation, room and board, and local excursions made in connection with the project. One award will be the Isabel Bagramian Summer Travel Award, given by Linda Bennett and Robert Bagramian in honor of Isabel Bagramian.

Awards will be made to undergraduate students in any of the University’s schools or colleges, and one award will be to a student in any of the University’s graduate or graduate/professional programs. The University of Michigan’s International Center receives applications and organizes the selection of awardees. Applications are accepted in January and February.

For more information please visit the MCompass page or the International Center.