Jordan Mizell

Jordan Mizell, Isabel Bagramian Travel Award
Jordan Mizell, Graduate Student, School of Public Health

Jordan used the Isabel Bagramian Travel Award to work with the Grenada Ministry of Social Development, Housing and Community Development to establish the groundwork needed for the Ministry to generate recommendations guiding future policy decisions and the improvement of health services that the Ministry provides to their elderly population on a large scale. In order for the Ministry to identify where the gaps exist in the provision of services, and to create better alignment between seniors’ needs and what is being provided, he conducted a functional review of social services offered to seniors. By assessing the development and continuity of services between social work and programs, the Ministry will be better equipped to engage with the elderly population from an evidence-based approach. This means being able to provide not only palliative and custodial care, but also services geared towards quality of life improvement.