Hea Jun Oh

Major: Nursing

This summer I was given the opportunity to go to the Philippines and provide the children there with basic health education. I worked with University of Bohol Grade School and Sandingan Shema Children Center and the students ranged from preschoolers to middle schoolers. The lessons I provided were about human body systems, disease prevention and health promotion. Bohol Island and Sandingan Island were places that were affected by last year’s typhoon and earthquake and they were still under the process of reconstruction. People that I met there, however, were so strong and loving and it was an extremely inspirational experience for me to live among them for a period of time. Besides providing the health education, I also had a chance to accompany a medical mission team to Eastern Samar. Through the medical mission trip I was able to gain a more realistic view of the field of global health. The trip was not long, but by proactively walking out of my comfort zone and engaging with people in a foreign environment, I was able to gain a much broader worldview and courage to continue pursuing a deeper understanding of the different people in this world.