Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship, University of Michigan

Information about how to apply for the Wallenberg Fellowship can be found at the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships website.

Inspired by the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg, the Wallenberg Fellowship is awarded in the spring of each year to a graduating senior of exceptional promise and accomplishment who is committed to service and the public good. The fellowship provides $25,000 to carry out an independent project of learning or exploration anywhere in the world during the year after graduation. The Fellow will engage in a self-designed and self-directed area of exploration or project of experiential learning. Through an active and immersive year-long experience, and by connecting in meaningful ways with the lives of other people and communities, the Wallenberg Fellow will prepare to make a difference in the world.

A generous gift from U-M parents Jon and Lili Bosse will support the Wallenberg Fellowship for the next several years. U-M alumnus Bert Askwith (B.A. 1931) generously created the Mary Sue Coleman Endowed Fund for the Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship in honor of the leadership provided by President Coleman during her tenure at U-M. The endowment will support future generations of Michigan students who are inspired by Wallenberg’s legacy.

The Fellowship honors Raoul Wallenberg (B.S. Arch. ’35), one of the most illustrious graduates of the University of Michigan. At U-M, Wallenberg was recognized for the excellence of his academic work, his eagerness for knowledge of the world and for understanding others, and for his intrepid independence and resourcefulness. He left Ann Arbor resolved to be actively engaged in life. Ten years later, as a Swedish diplomat during World War II, Wallenberg coordinated the rescue of tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest. He disappeared after he was arrested by Soviet authorities. One of the great heroes of the 20th century, Raoul Wallenberg shows that even under the most daunting circumstances, one person can make a difference.