Molly Green

  • Eating Cake 2
    Eating a cake made by Fouad
  • Eating Cake
    Eating a cake made by Fouad
  • IMG_0131
    Evening pickup game of soccer with refugees and local kids
  • IMG_0141
    Watching the Bayreuth Summer Solstice bonfire with some newly arrived refugees
  • IMG_0220
    German class with Inas and Hessna
  • IMG_0223
    New friend Karmen and a quick selfie while we are learning to ride a bike!

My internship was at the International Center at the University of Bayreuth in Bayreuth, Germany along with the Transkulturelle Kompetenz und Gesundheit (TKG) Projekt, Refugee Housing Centers and the City of Bayreuth. The mission was to identify the needs of the stakeholders and community involved in working with refugees in the Bayreuth area. My position was focused on organizing resources, creating and strengthening connections, and working with various groups to help address health and health access needs of the refugee community in Bayreuth. My objectives were to pilot the TKG Projekt at the local hospital for healthcare providers, to create health communication materials, and to develop a project for the International Center at the University to address the health concerns of refugees and their families.

As a result of my internship in Germany, I can bring information and knowledge to groups and faculty working with migrant populations here in the U.S. I hope to continue to build and expand my understanding of language and culture and address health disparities and inequities that disproportionately affect the Arabic-speaking population. This work is my attempt to creating lasting and meaningful change. I know that if I am able to make a stand and challenge the status quo, to reduce disparities and improve health outcomes for marginalized people, others can and will follow in these efforts