Molly Green

  • Eating Cake 2
    Eating a cake made by Fouad
  • Eating Cake
    Eating a cake made by Fouad
  • IMG_0131
    Evening pickup game of soccer with refugees and local kids
  • IMG_0141
    Watching the Bayreuth Summer Solstice bonfire with some newly arrived refugees
  • IMG_0220
    German class with Inas and Hessna
  • IMG_0223
    New friend Karmen and a quick selfie while we are learning to ride a bike!

Public Health

“My time spent working with Syrian refugees in Germany this summer has given me insight not just into their health needs, but also into their lives as they adjust to living in a new country. People have been extremely willing to share their thoughts and experiences with me in an effort to help create more understanding between locals and refugees. While communication between these two groups can be difficult, the sentiment of cooperation is strong, and gives me hope that the efforts to share and understand one another will continue.”