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Layne Vandenberg, 2013 Wallenberg Travel Award recipient

Spring Updates

The University holds the achievements of this esteemed alumnus and humanitarian to be among the most important ideals we can embody, and students with these exceptional characteristics have been active on campus and around the world. This newsletter showcases the many ways U-M is honoring humanitarians and engaging young people to understand the human condition and make the world a better place. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do.

Agnes Heller

2014, Agnes Heller

On September 30, the 2014 Wallenberg Medal is being awarded to Agnes Heller, a distinguished philosopher and Holocaust survivor who seeks to understand the nature of ethics and morality in the modern world, and...

Lucy Zhao

Lucy Zhao

I spent my summer with The Kenya Project, a program I started my freshman year that brings an interdisciplinary group of University of Michigan undergraduates to Kithoka, Kenya to partner with locals to start...

Layne Vandenberg

This past June, I traveled to Meru, Kenya to continue working on a grassroots, social entrepreneurship and human-centered design experiment called “The Kithoka Soap Initiative” (TKSI). I originally laid the foundation for TKSI in...

Paul Stromberg

This summer I worked for an Indigenous radio station in Guatemala. During this trip I used my experience at WCBN to help this station update much of its equipment. All of this station’s equipment...